Large & Medium Sized Wooden Table Lamps Have Just Arrived

21st January 2013

We’ve just taken delivery of some more wooden table lamps from the Himalayas.

This batch contains some absolute beauties including this one, which must be the most characterful we have ever stocked:

Antique Wooden Table Lamp

It’s a good job these have come in, as we were getting very low on stock after Christmas.

These wooden lamps, supplied with simple empire shades, are so neutral that they’ll fit into just about any colour scheme or interior.

They really are a timeless classic.

New Brass Table Lamps In Stock

21st November 2012

We’ve just taken delivery of a couple of new styles of brass table lamp.

One of the lamps should answer the calls from several customers for bedside table lamps, as the 7″ banded ball lamp measures only 14″ with the shade attached – perfect for even the smallest bedside table.

Brass Bedside Table Lamp

The second new arrival is a 12″ brass jar lamp, again with a hammered antique finish and understated banding.

A pair of these would look great at either end of a console table perhaps?

Both brass lamps are supplied with lamp shades, low energy bulbs and of course have Free UK Mainland Delivery.

Hand Turned Table Lamp From New Zealand

28th May 2012

Here’s an interesting table lamp from father and daughter team

Black hand turned lamp

I like the way the hand turning from a laminated eco plyboard block,  reveals the different coloured layers of wood.

Topping off the lamp is a tall black shade.

The lamp costs NZ$620 and is available from their website.

New Lamps In Stock For March 2012

12th March 2012

We’ve just taken delivery of a new batch of table lamps and I’ve been frantically photographing and uploading them to the website.

As well as some old favourites like the seed dispensers and six smaller Himalayan honeypots (yes… you people who’ve been waiting for these, they’re finally here!), we have some completely new styles too.

Let me introduce our new brass and steel lamps – 9″ high and with an elegant basket weave pattern, we think these will be popular:

Brass table lamp with basket weave pattern

Steel Table Lamp with Basketweave Pattern

We’ve also commissioned our first ever ceramic lamps from local artisans Rookes Pottery.

These red earthenware lamps are simply stunning and we hope to have some more in soon:

Earthenware table lamp

Hope you all enjoy the new additions – order now!

LittleSun Bringing Light To Those In Darkness

5th March 2012

Every once in a while, you come across a heart-warming story of a business with a life changing product.

LittleSun is one such project.

LittleSun LED light, charging up in the sunlight

These dinky little LED lights are charged via solar panels and provide up to five hours of bright light for four hours of exposure to sunlight.

The design is cute to say the least and can be carried, worn or strapped to a bicycle to charge and then can be hung on a wall or clamped to a desk to provide light at night.

LittleSun LED lamp providing light at night

The LittleSun is light, durable and low cost, both to produce and to buy.

Simply wonderful!

Table Lamps For The Living Room

17th February 2012

So what are we looking for when it comes to selecting table lamps for a living room?

Table lamps for living room

There are a few things to consider:

Do you need a focal point for your room?

Is your living room in near constant use or a drawing room for more occasional formal use?

How large is your living room?

Is there a strong colour scheme or existing “theme” for the room?

Is yours a modern, contemporary home or more traditional in style?

The first thing to establish is the best position for your lamp(s) in the room.

Next, work out the largest area the lamp can take up, both horizontally and vertically (remember, a lamp shade more than doubles the height of most lamps).

Now consider the shape of lamp and shade you think will best fit the space – I always go for the biggest that fits for maximum impact.

If you’re looking for a pair of table lamps to stand either side of a table or perhaps in alcoves either side of a fireplace, try to make sure the lamps will be proportionate.

Now that you’ve established position, turn your attention to colour and materials.

A plain lamp base is best if you plan to redecorate your living room over time – you can always change the lamp shade to match your scheme.

In a traditional drawing room, a more ornate and colourful base may be better, perhaps acting as the catalyst for accent colours around the room.

The table lamp’s material is also a factor to consider.

If your living room is shared with children, cats and dogs, you need a table lamp which can survive the odd knock without breaking – this pretty much rules out ceramic lamps. Look for wooden lamps or strong metals like brass.

If you have a large living room with lots of table lamps, consider employing an electrician to wire up special lamp sockets which you can switch on and off centrally. Having to perform a nightly tour of your room, switching of lamps can be a chore!

If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest you have a good look at our range of wooden lamps for your living room.

They are all elegant, robust and suitable for contemporary or traditional interiors and in most cases, are unique individual pieces.

Table lamps for living rooms


The Relentless Growth Of Task Lighting

25th January 2012

I’ve been musing lately on why task lighting seems to be so popular at the moment.

There seem to be two dominant trends – industrial design and LED.

Now obviously, all of us need good lighting when we’re working on something detailed and a light over a desk can be invaluable, but I wonder, is some of the current demand fuelled by the introduction of low voltage, eco friendly ambient lighting?

There was a time when you’d stick a 100W incandescent bulb into a ceiling light and you’d need sunglasses to find your way around the room.

Now, it seems to take forever for the new low voltage bulbs to warm up and even then, the light they emit seems somehow dull.

This could of course be my imagination, but I’m convinced there’s something in this.

From a table lamp retailer’s point of view, I wonder whether the new bulbs are forcing table lamps to become ornaments rather than functional light sources – the muzak of room lighting if you will.

I still love the warm glow from a fabulous table lamp in a corner but I do think the time may have come for us at The Original Table Lamp Company to begin supplying task lighting too.

I’d love to design our own range and to that end, will be meeting a local craftsman next week to see what we might come up with.

What do you think?

Image via Original BTC

Skog Glass Lamps by Caroline Olsson

4th January 2012

Spotted these lovely contemporary glass lamps from Scandinavia – a hotbed of design talent, especially when it comes to using natural materials to produce simple, elegant products.

Caroline Olsson designed these Skog lamps as part of her final year project at design school and they have now been snapped up for manufacture by Norway’s Magnor Glassworks.

Designed to mimic trees (skog means forest in Norwegian), these table lamps are made from turned oak and mouth-blown coloured glass.

I love their elegant simplicity and the fact that each lamp is unique – I’d love to supply these in the UK!

Hat tip to contemporist for the original article.

Happy 80th Birthday Kaiser Idell Lamps

5th December 2011

The iconic Kaiser Idell lamps, one of the most renowned products of the Bauhaus movement, are now 80 years old and still going strong.

Produced under license by Republic of Fritz Hansen, these lamps are the archetypal form following function design for define Bauhaus design.

Originally designed by Christian Dell in 1931, the Kaiser Idell lamps are available as floor lamps, table lamps, pendants and wall lamps in various primary colours.

A timeless lamp if ever I saw one!



New Large Wooden Lamps Just In

26th October 2011

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just taken delivery of a new batch of large wooden Himalayan honey pot lamps.

These lamps are sadly getting harder and harder to come by, especially in the smaller sizes, however these large table lamps are truly beautiful.

Although not strictly speaking in the Autumn Sale (as they’re new, there was no previous price!), all of our table lamps are going to go up in price by 10% on 1st November 2011, so now is a great time to get a bargain before Christmas.


As you can see, these table lamps are big – they’re all around 2 feet tall with the shade and will need a decently-sized table to show them off.

There are 6 of them in all and each is a unique individual and priced accordingly.

Hope you love them as much as we do!

P.S. For future reference, the Merlot in the pictures wasn’t very nice (but it was on offer!)…