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Kashmiri Hand Painted Lamps

When you're looking to add a little exotic glamour to your room, these beautiful hand painted oriental table lamps are simply perfect.

Hand made using papier mache and then painstakingly decorated by hand in Kashmir using traditional colours and decoration, these lamps look incredible in any setting.

These lamps are becoming increasingly rare as the menfolk of the villages, who were traditionally the principal artisans, are moving in search of new lives and prosperity in the cities.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are essentially only two colourways: one in monochrome with gold and one multicoloured, all supplied with parchment shades.

To make the lamps more stable and secure (they are after all made from papier mache!), a quantity of sand is poured into the bases before they're sealed.

The detail of of the hand painted decoration on these table lamps has to be seen to be believed - they really are wonderful.