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Metal Table Lamps

If you're looking for elegant, timeless design in a metal table lamp, you can do no better than to feast your eyes on the selection below!

There's a current trend, in metal lamps particularly, for designers to play with the idea of what a table lamp might be and in many cases this leads to designs which "try too hard".

My fear is that many of these designs will be copied in bulk by high street bargain stores and once they become outdated or unfashionable, will end up in landfill.

Our metal lamps will always tend towards a more traditional, slightly ethnic or "boho" aesthetic and so it's unlikely you'll find the latest cutting edge designs here!

That's not say that we won't stock a contemporary metal lamp, only that it must adhere to our ethos of timeless elegance and originality - a lamp you'd be happy to pass on to your children.

As with all of our lamps, we supply our metal table lamps with low energy bulbs and appropriate shades.