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All of our lamps are delivered free throughout the UK by FedEx. (We don’t deliver to addresses outside the UK but we may look to do this in the future.)

After you have paid for your lamps via PayPal, we will send you a FedEx tracking code by email once we have despatched your goods.

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

We’re very conscious of the environmental impact of packaging and especially the disposal of wrapping materials which is why, where possible, we reuse cardboard boxes and use soluble cellulose packing beads in place of polystyrene (just add water to the beads and they dissolve down to a mulch which you can put on the garden or in your green or brown recycling bin).

Unfortunately, to protect the lampshades, we have to use a cellophane wrapping but we’re working hard to find an alternative!

If Your Table Lamps Do Not Arrive:

If your order does not arrive please tell us immediately so that we can trace your order with FedEx and arrange for its delivery or for a replacement to be sent out.

If FedEx permanently loses your order, it’s our responsibility to sort it out and replace your missing goods.

If Your Table Lamps Arrive Damaged:

If FedEx break or damage your order we need you tell us immediately so that we can process a damage claim with them.

Any damaged lamps or lamp shades will be replaced by us at our expense.

Damaged goods will be collected by FedEx if required.


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