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Kashmiri Hand Painted Lamp Multicoloured

Kashmiri Hand Painted Lamp Multicoloured

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This was the first hand painted Kashmiri table lamp I ever saw and so began a love affair with these beautiful objects.

A smaller version of the super rare large globes, these lamps are also cast in papier mache and then painstakingly hand painted by the menfolk of the village.

There's something so magical about the juxtaposition of red and gold - certainly it's a combination used in many cultures around the world and in all cases suggests opulence, warmth and optimism.

These lamps are part filled with sand to give them enough weight to keep them stable once a shade has been attached, so they do feel heavier than they look!


Lamp base height: 9” (230mm)   

Lamp base width: 8” (200mm)   

Overall height with shade: 18” (460mm)   

Shade diameter: 14” (355mm)

What you get

Lamp base

Lamp shade

Low energy bulb

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